Apple Blossom 18"x24"Acrylic $300

Poppies 31"x39"  W/C framed $500

Amaryllis 2 48"x26 WC framed $400

Three Graces 48"x26'. Acrylic $600

Pink Amaryllis 48"x26" Acrylic $600

Hollyhocks 24"36" Acrylic N/A

Dresses in Purple and Pink 29"x36" Collage

Iris and Buds 24"x24" Oil $400

Birches 48"x26". Acrylic

Spring in its Glory 28" x36" Acrylic $500.

Sunflowers 27"x36" Acrylic framed $500

Geraniums 45"x50  Oil N/A

Roadside Beauties 26"x48" acrylic $500

Summer in its Glory 30"x39"Acrylic framed $500

Amaryllis and friends 31"x39"W/C framed $500

Summer Garden 30"x30" Acrylic N/A

Spring time 21"x26" W/C framed $300

Floating Beauty 29"x37" Acrylic N/A

Three Birches 48"x26" Acrylic $600

Apple Orchard  30"x36 Oil $500

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