1000 Island Bridge 20"x27" Acrylic $350

        Half Moon Bay 44"x98"  Oil    Diptych  $1800. 

Dog Eat Dog.  60" x96" Oil Diptych $1800

After the Rain 36"x36". Acrylic $900

Evening Glow 36"x36" Oil $900

Billowing Clouds 36"x36" Acrylic $900

Summer in the Islands  36"x36" Acrylic $900

View of the Bridge 49"x45"  Acrylic $1000.

Island Retreat.24"x36" Acrylic $600 

Last Rays. 30"x42" Acrylic  $700. Framed

Landon Bay Lookout 26"x48" Acrylic $400

Country Road. 29"x30" Acrylic $500.

Grazing. 24"x30". Acrylic $400

Early Morning Mist 28"x21 W/C framed $300

Waiting for a Catch 23"x30" framed $300

Perfect Sailing Weather  Acrylic $600

Gananoque Boathouses  W/C framed $400

Winter. 24"x24"   Acrylic $400

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